R&D Team 
Striving to become the leader in Chinese electro-acoustic brands.
Breaking away from old thinking and challenging destructive innovations.

Because of a beautiful encounter, we had the chance to collaborate with the
outstanding Chinese musician Jay Chou and the great industrialist Jung-Ya Hsieh
In the eyes of others, they are selfish, presumptuous, extreme and unsatisfactory;
but their other side what others do not understand is that they are dedicated,
hardworking and pursue perfection, just like TFAT.
TFAT / Thin Film Acoustic Technology


TFAT / Thin Film Acoustic Technology
Achieving high-degree sound reproduction, allowing audiences to feel immersed


The TFAT tech team broke away from traditional speaker
unit and used physical methods to change sound by
using different films along with reflector chamber in
different materials and shapes forming countless
Just like music sheets where there are only seven notes,
but it's possible to change into unlimited possibilities of
sound performance This excited Jay Chou and he really
appreciated it

From there on, he officially became TiinLab's magic tuner His absolute
musicality and rigorous demands for sounds will bring quality sound
tuning that is even more perfect.
Since 1990 up until now, he won 106 top international design awards
Including the German Red Dot award, iF International Forum design, Excellent
Award for the U.S.A. IDEA design and the Japan G-mark
The Chinese award-winning famous industrial designer - Jung-Ya Hsieh.
The job of a designer is to predict people's dreams and achieve these dreams with
keen observations and design technology.

TiinLab's TFAT high-level sound reproduction allows audiences to feel immersive,
and allows sound to have color and form.