Close your eyes:
Imaging that you are listening to a live performance in a concert hall.
Now we shrink the concert hall and put
it into earphone. In addition to pure tone,
the “width” and “depth” of sound are the
most important factors to have the listener feel virtually being in.

TFAT R&D team have been researching over 1000 kinds of materials to create ultimate “space” and “pure” sound effects.

Same as the specially planned reflective,
diffusive materials and sound-absorbing cotton in a concert hall,
we perform the music to you in perfection.

Love powerful and richy bass?

Prefer solemn and respectful classical music?
Or gentle and soft love song is your favorite?
TiinLab can customize the sound into the most suitable style for you.
Wear your headphone and feel virtually being in.
Explorer of Audio Soul with TiinLab

Cannot stand the poor sound from TV or PC/NB?
Placing a big speaker in a small room not only occupy your space but also have risks that you cannot imagine.
To improve this problem, we succeed in developing SDT,
which makes a speaker ultra slim and in the mean time maintains the system stable under big power.
Features of SDT:
1/3 thickness less comparing to a speaker with the same spec.
Ultra slim but with big power. Creating rich powerful bass.
Omni-directional, let music full of every corner.
Many applications: being portable device or home audio system.

Omni-directional surround sound field and low-frequency resonance enhanced technology

In addition to TFAT and SDT,

TiinLab have developed the technology which can create Omni-directional surround sound field and enhance the low-frequency resonance.

Pursuing innovation continuously is our principle.