Uses vacuum images as the spindle of the design, expressing the concept of pursuing pure sound qualities.
TT201i over-ear headphone*1

Carrying bag *1

User manual/Warranty card *1

Detachable audio cable with remote controller for 

Apple® devices *1

Detachable high fidelity OCC 6NOFC audio cable *1 
TT201i design concept
Using headphone components to combine into levels and increasing the details at the depths. The very musical LOGO feature column design originated from a unique vacuum concept.
High efficiency neodymium magnet unit
Uses a special strong magnetic neodymium magnet-driving unit so that the sounds are crisp clear and ensuring high quality music replay effects.
Equipped with Apple MFi certified three-button remote
Equipped with Apple MFi certified three-button remote control function that is fully compatible and easy to operate. Allowing you to easily answer incoming calls and enjoy uninterrupted music.
Kevlar® re-enforced cable
Uses Kevlar® re-enforced cable, making it stronger and more durable, significantly reducing tangling and intertwining problems of the headphone cables, effectively preventing damages due to bending and pulling.
High fidelity OCC 6NOFC audio cable
An additional High fidelity OCC 6NOFC audio cable is provided. The cables manufactured by OCC are usually popular cables used on Hi-Fi stereos; the so-called “grain interface” does not exist on its single crystalline conductor.
3.5mm CTIA gold-plated plug
Uses a 3.5mm CTIA gold-plated plug to prevent aging and prevent the contact surface from oxidizing, therefore reducing signal distortion and providing high quality sound transmission and restoring more truthful sounds.
Protein leather earmuffs + exclusively designed memory foam pad
The fully leather covered earmuffs design provides you with the most outstanding music quality enjoyment and highlights your distinctive temperament! Covered with protein leather that is soft and delicate, and has great breathability and skin contact.
  • 驅動單元(Driver Units)
    40 mm
  • 阻抗(Impedance)
  • 靈敏度(Sensitivity)
    103db at 1KHZ 1mw
  • 響應頻率(Frequency Response)